A missionary is a disciple of Jesus set apart by the Holy Spirit, sent out from the church to cross geographic, cultural, and/or linguistic barriers as part of a missionary team focused on making disciples and multiplying churches among unreached peoples and places.

There are certain expectations for every worker. All of us are to abide in Christ as faithful, growing disciples of Jesus (John 15:16). All of us are to share the gospel with the lost, and all of us are to disciple believers in the context of our local church (Mark 16:15). However, each of us also has a role that is unique. Every worker has a job description that defines the responsibilities that he or she needs to fulfill in order for all of us together to accomplish the missionary task. Each one of us needs to be diligent in the tasks particular to that job description. Every worker, whatever his or her role, is essential, and every one of us needs to do our jobs with faithful diligence (1 Corinthians 15:58).

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