In light of the upcoming election, we thought we’d add our own poll to the mix.  See if you can figure out which of our kids said these words.    


We are nearing the end of our 8 weeks of stateside orientation and are finalizing departure details. We have been pumped full of immunizations, Bible knowledge, travel skills, company policy, and cafeteria food. It has been a beneficial time of learning. The kids have loved every minute of their training as well. They focused on … More STATESIDE ORIENTATION


“What has God been doing in the Sprankle family?” I’m so glad you asked! Spiritually:  God has created a hunger for His word in Andrew & Katie which has grown their leadership qualities within our family unit and increased their ability to talk about their faith with unbelievers. My favorite area of God’s teaching has … More I’M GLAD YOU ASKED


This Tuesday, June 18 of 2013 we truly give thanks to all of you who are prayer warriors for the Sprankle family. God has provided, protected, surprised and blessed us tremendously over the past 6 months! Just a brief update, sorry there aren’t any pictures. (We have a mid-year’s resolution to avidly document our life … More SIX MONTHS IN OHIO