The most insidious lie we can believe about God is that He is somehow against us.  It’s the very same lie that planted seeds of doubt in Eve’s spirit in the Garden of Eden.  We’ve doubted God’s goodness ever since, and it’s the root cause of a thousand other problems.  If the enemy can get … More GOD IS FOR US


Tim Dearborn writes, “Missions is ultimately not a human response to human need.  The Church’s involvement in mission is its privileged participation in the actions of the triune God.”  We could not agree more.  God is at work in Madagascar.  His Church is alive and on the move.  We are privileged to participate in God’s … More OUR PRIVILEGE


You were not meant to SURVIVE. You were meant to THRIVE…Surviving is for those who have no hope. That’s not you – not if you’re God’s child. You were meant to THRIVE! – Mark Hall, Thrive


A. W. Milne knew he would never return home.  He left family, friends and all comforts to live among a tribe of head-hunters who had martyred  every missionary before him.  Still he went.  For thirty-five years he lived among them and loved them.  On his tombstone, resting in the middle of their village, the tribe … More ALL IN