How many times in your life have you been able to completely clear your calendar? It’s rare, right? Clear my calendar. Cancel all my appointments. These are statements made only when something so serious occurs that it circumvents your schedule and forces you to make a drastic change. For many of us, an empty calendar is … More CLEAR YOUR CALENDAR


History belongs to the intercessors who believe the future into being. – Walter Wink   I was listening to a missions podcast recently where the host was interviewing a seasoned missionary about his life and work overseas.  What struck me about the interview was not the content of the show, but rather the interruption that took place … More 9:38


The year I was born, 1976, a meeting took place between producer John Heyman and Bill Bright to discuss a project to put the entire Bible on film. The project was eventually scaled back to only one book of the Bible, Luke. The result of that project—the Jesus film. The film has since been translated … More GRANDPA’S GENERATOR


I fell out of my family’s green Ford Maverick when I was about 4 years old.  I remember it vividly.  My dad was driving my sister and I to a Lawson’s convenience store and somehow my foot got wedged in the door handle. As we were approaching an intersection…whoosh…plop.  I fell out. The incident left me no bodily scars, … More LET GO


I like surprises.  I know some hate them, but deep down do they really?  Jane Austen wrote, “Surprises are foolish things. The pleasure is not enhanced, and the inconvenience is often considerable.”  I disagree. I remember one surprise in particular that was especially shocking.  The last summer before Erin and I were to marry I … More SURPRISES


(DISCLAIMER:  The following are unedited entries from my ministry journal.  Please forgive the poor grammar and excessive use of ellipses.) MASIKORO EVANGELISM CONFERENCE Day 1 – Travel Day: I spent the majority of my time Saturday picking up each of the students from their perspective villages. got a call from Pastor Jonoro letting me know … More JOURNAL ENTRIES: EVANGELISM CONFERENCE


Language learning – Learning a language is a lot like solving the following quantum mechanics equation that I stole from the internet (if you are a quantum mechanics major, I apologize for insulting your intelligence with the use of such a “simple” equation): 

The deuteron is a nucleus of “heavy hydrogen” consisting of one proton … More HIGHLIGHTS FROM MADA