JULY UPDATE: Over 70 disciples trained in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. 27 new followers of Christ. 47 villages being reached weekly (4 new villages just this month). Please continue to pray for more workers among the Masikoro/Vezo people of Madagascar. #9:38


AUGUST UPDATE: 48 new believers this month! Continue to pray. #9:38


SEPTEMBER UPDATE: After a truly refreshing prayer retreat at the beginning of September we returned to our work in the northern Masikoro villages. Hundreds heard the gospel this past month and now new believers are being discipled in these villages (Befandriana Sud, Angarazy, Andranomanitsy and Anbahikily). Please continue to pray for more workers for this new harvest. #9:38


OCTOBER UPDATE: 8 new believers baptized. Successful LASIK eye surgery for Ben.


One thought on “LONG OVERDUE

  1. Great update! Glad to hear what God is doing in Madagascar and that your surgery went well Ben. We’re praying for y’all, those being discipled and for more workers! -Matt Branch (Rockledge, FL)


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