mountainsMountains serve the Lord and reveal His majesty simultaneously. We don’t merely glimpse a mountain, we are forced to take it in, it’s magnitude requires it.  We could reference many landforms this way because we do indeed live on a fantastic earth but for this moment mountains will be our lens to teach us to serve Him reverently and to reveal His majesty.

A mountain, strongly and adamantly acting in the fashion that it was designed to do so, serves the Lord. The colors, the lines of elevation reaching higher, the rocks firm and resolute all point to their Creator. It is home to the scene of treetops that seem so soft and end at the tree line where barrenness takes over until each summit grows higher and the cliffs take shape and turn to hues of purples and grays and blacks until at last patches of white begin to cover the top and eventually are hidden from sight as clouds blanket the sky. Can you feel the icy waters of the downstream, look straight up through evergreen branches of a tree while standing at the base of it, and feel the solidity of the rocks as you climb from one to the other? All of it is a tangible reminder of how small we are and how great He is. 

Look at the entire scene. It’s majestic. It is beautiful even while marred with results of sin. It reaches to the heavens and glorifies God. It acts the way it was created. Each individual component and all of it together. It serves the Lord with reverential awe. 

I want to “Serve the Lord with reverential awe and rejoice with trembling (Psalm 2:11). I want to reflect God’s greatness as the mountain. I can use my mind to grow in wisdom and investigate His wonderful world. I can mold each word I use into phrases of worship. I can use my lifestyle to serve others all the while serving Him. 

Just as the view of the mountain brings awe, God works so that people will be in awe of Him (Eccl 3:14). The only human way that I can think of to explain my awe of God throughout the time we have been in Madagascar is to parallel it to the spectacular view of taking in a mountain range. I review individual acts as the singular units that make a mountain. He revealed His work when we saw the lights of understanding turn on in the eyes of the people. He protected us during strange times of accidents and sicknesses. Every sunset we saw in Madagascar meant it was another day that He kept us firmly planted to do His work and didn’t allow us to run to the airport and flee! 

I can also look at the few years in entirety as viewing a mountain from the distance. He placed a desire within us to share His story with people who have never heard it and He sent us to a place we had never been to accomplish it. That’s the entirety of it. I pray that I serve with reverential awe just as the mountain unashamedly stands and reflects His awesome majesty. I also pray that I will never be blinded to His works that keep me in awe of Him.

I know that all God does will last forever; there is no adding to it or taking from it. God works so that people will be in awe of Him. Whatever is, has already been, and whatever will be, already is. Eccl 3:14-15. – Erin

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