If you were to google “Pray for Ankililoaka” on the internet you would be taken to a link with a schedule for their Islamic prayer times. Islam is greatly overshadowed in Madagascar by ancestor worship, but my research reminded me of the spiritual war being fought everyday around the world and especially here in Madagascar.

Paul taught us in Ephesians 10:11 to not only “put on the whole armor of God”, but he concluded with the reminder to PRAY…AT ALL TIMES.

If the battle for the harvest field of Ankililoaka is to be won, or any other harvest field for that matter, it must be won first in prayer.

For the past 3-5 years no real harvest has taken place in the large, Masikoro village called Ankililoaka. Two pastors, Tsizafy and Hery, have been praying, plowing and sowing the fields, but with little to no fruit. The soil, may we say, is a bit thorny, rocky and hardened.

We are asking God for a spiritual revival in Ankililoaka. Please join us in prayer as we continue to partner with national believers to penetrate lostness among the Masikoro people of Madagascar.


  1. Praying for the Sprankles, the people of Madagascar and for Ben’s health. Plan to see you soon and pray all have safe travels.


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