Strange things go through your mind when the unexpected pops up in life. When you are caught off guard with an issue, life seems to whirl by and you catch yourself making quick decisions and saying things and wondering later how you got the words out at all.  For instance, a couple days ago Ben unexpectedly collapsed while preparing for the day.  That sent the next 30 hours into a tailspin of decision making and speaking to numerous people which eventually resulted in beginning the process of leaving the third world country we are in and moving him into first world care.  So, the strange things that went through my mind were the comparison of heartbeats between an unborn child and my 38 year old husband.

The first time I heard a heart beat from an ultrasound we were expecting our first baby. I will never forget the rapid patter of his heart beating. Life. Ben and I smiled at each other. What a moment of awe. Today, 15 years later I sat listening to another heart beat, a slow swoosh-thump. Rhythmic and calm. Ben was lying on an awkward, somewhat unstable bed with mismatched sheet and bed pillow as the doctor was holding the handle of a different ultrasound machine.  A grainy picture of his heart took up the majority of the screen. So unlike the little peanut of a form we say together 15 years ago rapidly pattering away.  Sitting in a third world doctor’s office using a first world outcast ultrasound machine, I was listening to my husband’s heart and thinking about the amazing ability to listen to the inside of someone.

I have now heard two kinds of heartbeats. The organ that God formed in us and set to beating and pumping life, I have heard. While life was whirling by, I listened to the beats. I thought about that all the way home and into the late evening.

Today, Ben is in another country waiting to see a specialist and the kids and I are at our home in Madagascar waiting. Will the outcome be minor or will it be major? I don’t know.

The interesting thing about the Body of Christ is the gathering of His Body to pray. I feel as though I am hearing another heartbeat. This isn’t the quick patter of the unborn or the swoosh-thump of the adult, it is the vibrant and calm murmurings of His people praying for each other. And it gives peace.

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