This Tuesday, June 18 of 2013 we truly give thanks to all of you who are prayer warriors for the Sprankle family. God has provided, protected, surprised and blessed us tremendously over the past 6 months!

Just a brief update, sorry there aren’t any pictures. (We have a mid-year’s resolution to avidly document our life through pictures because we know you prefer to “view” life as opposed to reading my ramblings!)

January 2013 – We joined Pastor Aaron and Jennifer Lundquist at their church, Temple Baptist, nestled in beautiful Salida, Colorado for a few day missions conference. We met a wonderful group of people who prayed over us and for our future work in Madagascar. We are excited to welcome them to the prayer family!

February 2013 – We received our official medical “clearance” which moved our travel date up from January 2014 to October 2013. A collective sigh was heard round the family on this day.

March 2013 – Ben & I began an interim music position at Willoughby Baptist church in Willoughby, Ohio with Pastor Drew & Jennifer Dukes. They are a great group of people to worship with each Sunday.

April 2013 – We spent the month celebrating family birthdays! Too much cake was eaten but the family time was priceless

May 2013 – BIG MONTH. Ben finished, submitted and received word on his final graduate work. Degree DONE!!!! He is now deemed a Master of Arts in Christian Studies. We all knew he was a master of something, just couldn’t quite put our finger on it!

Ben & I flew to Arkansas to meet with the Board of Trustees of the International Mission Board – the people who hired us – and spent a few days with another marvelous group of people at Cross Church. We spoke to all the children during their kid’s church time and then made our rounds through several Sunday school classes and fielded many questions the kids had about Madagascar. Many more people were added to the prayer warrior team.

Our Commissioning Service on Wednesday night of that week could not have been a more prestigious, spirit-filled service. The congregation, along with the IMB leadership surrounded us in prayer and dismissed us with a fire in our hearts to BE Christ’s heart, hands, and voice to everyone we meet.

The month was concluded with a visit from Ben’s parents and an infamous trip to Cedar Point was made – our kids are now avid coaster fans!!!

June 2013 – We said goodbye to Pastor Drew & Jennifer at Willoughby Baptist. We have enjoyed meeting everyone in this congregation and the friendships that have been started.

The last week of this month we are traveling to our sending church, The Family Church, in Marco Island, Florida. We will worship with them Sunday morning and visit with everyone Sunday evening and throughout the week. It is also their VBS week so we will hang out with the kids and fill them in on all the awesomeness of Madagascar and what they can do from the States for the Masikoro people.

Whew! That was a BIG update for our first newsletter. Next month will be filled with pictures to pacify our ADD crowd.

In all seriousness, please continue to pray for us as we are down to the final weeks of saying goodbyes to family. Pray specifically for:

  • Grandparent’s whose hearts are being squeezed by the letting go of grandchildren who will return to the states 4 years older than now. (I think we will be seeing them in Madagascar sooner than we think!)
  • Our children as they are saying goodbye to those grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.
  • Physical safety as we travel to and from Florida this month.
  • Continued health for the 6 of us as we pack and move.
  • ORGANIZATION and GUIDANCE as we box up our house and purchase a few more items that will be needed overseas.

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