“What has God been doing in the Sprankle family?” I’m so glad you asked!

Spiritually:  God has created a hunger for His word in Andrew & Katie which has grown their leadership qualities within our family unit and increased their ability to talk about their faith with unbelievers. My favorite area of God’s teaching has been in the area of family prayer. Had we not learned anything else during this stateside training our family prayer time has been enough. When you hear your child pray for you, actually say your name before the throne of God, it strengthens a family in an indescribable way. I have no words. Try it and find out for yourself!

Physically:  God continues to show himself faithful in providing for our needs. It takes us by surprise that the topic of needs can even be a source of worry when He has provided everything so far. I guess this is the human side of life that continually needs to be surrendered. As Christ gently reminded me just 10 months ago, “Erin, do you think you can provide for yourself better than I can?”

Emotionally:  God is to rule over our emotions and He is helping us manage them as we come closer to saying final goodbyes to family, traveling, and entering a foreign culture. God has connected us with many new people in the body of Christ that we would not have had the joy of meeting had we not followed Him on this journey. For this we are grateful. God has emotionally encouraged us through your prayers. He has revealed His Spirit to us through studying the book of Acts and unveiled His power through the miracles recorded in the book of Luke. A thirst for God has been established and it is our prayer that it remains and grows stronger through the coming departure.

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